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 Park Juanes de la Paz

Medellin, Colombia


Block Research Group

David López López

Marta Domènech

Josep Brazo

Prof. Dr. Philippe Block

Photography Sergio González


Colombrick is a "free-form", semi-buried, unreinforced masonry shell. It was built from March 31st to April 25th 2104 in the PArk "Juanes de la Paz" in the northern part of the city of Medellín, in the Department of Antioquia, Colombia. 

This tile-vaulted project was commissioned to the Block Research Group by the Department of Habitat of the United Nations (UN-Habitat) to be shown at the Seventh World Urban Forum (WUF7), which happened from April 5th to 11th 2014. UN-Habitat’s aim was to further promote this affordable and sustainable building technique, especially for developing world contexts.
Collaboration arises from the interest of the United Nations in the typological versatility of the construction system of the Catalan vault, while being built with small pieces (flat brick) its transport is facilitated almost everywhere. The availability of material throughout the world has also been a determining factor in initiating the study of its possible application in disadvantaged contexts. We built a 70m2 pavilion with landscaping on the roof. 

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