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Marta Domènech, David López López, Mariana Palumbo (Map13 Barcelona)

Alfonso Godoy, Alejandro Caballero

Organising institution 

International Festival of Art and Construction 2014, IFAC 2014

The workshop at the International Festival of Art and Construction in 2014 had a traditional approach, recovering the traditional hanging chain form-finding method and seeking to use sustainable materials that would have less environmental impact, such as raw bricks for the intermediate layers.


Also with less environmental impact and one of the most interesting features of this work was the material with which the first layer of “bricks” was built. Compressed wood fiber panels were cut in different brick-sized units. The lightness of the material made it very easy for the participants to build the first layer. Comparing with previous thin-tile vaulting workshops, the speed increased also significantly.

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