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Map13 Barcelona


Delfina Capiglioni, Teresa del Pozo, Amelia Cabrera


Insòlit Festival

Seeing something valuable and brilliant within our reach awakens our curiosity. The desire that it is ours takes possession of us, so we go in search of it.

In this case what shines is a golden carob (algarroba) hanging from a cluster of natural carob beans that from a golden golden color, go pale until they turn white in contact with a white, artificial earth that stopped being fertile. On the ground, scarce golden seeds are the object of treasure hunters.

1 Carat ( 1 quilate) comes from a reflection that unsettles us: The current treatment of food and the disconnection of the consumer with its origin. The food is represented by the carob (algarroba) a fruit which is very familiar to Majorcans, and is undergoing a transformation, sometimes converted into an object of desire for fashion. Its massive consumption causes changes in its cycle of growth. The chemical compounds, genetic manipulations and the concentration of monocultures end up impoverishing the earth.

The installation is a metaphor for this whole process that reifies food, and the consequences caused by the compulsive and irresponsible consumption that leads us to a worrying future.

At the same time, it is a tribute to the agricultural world, to the value of crops that are respectful to the ecosystem and enrich the land. The seed that the fortunate visitor will find may be the hope of a change of mentality and, of course, it can turn into a new tree planted somewhere.

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