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Marta Domènech, David López López, Mariana Palumbo (Map13 Barcelona)


Hilde BouchezTom CallebautKlaas Vanslembrouck and Ignaas Back

"Brickplay" starts as a participatory process aimed at the construction of a tile vault shell in Kortrijk Weide. We worked together with a fantastic group of people in order to define and imagine what BrickPLAY was to be, and to experience the process of vaulting design and construction.

The tile vaulting construction technique is a traditional knowledge that is nowadays being revisited. Its strength, beauty, economy of means and durability are some of the appealing
features of this technique. We like to build them in collaborative building schemas, as we did in Bricktopia and are planning to do in BrickPLAY.

In the "Howest Challenge" we launched a challenge to Howest’s students, who proposed innovative solutions to some of the issues that we believe are to be optimised in the design and construction phases of tile vaults.

In the "Open Workshop", during two days, we discussed on the identity, function and interaction of BrickPLAY with Kortrijk Weide with anyone that was interested to join the project


The "Playboard vault workshop" consists in the designs for a dreamed city of Kortrijk made by a group of 6 to 9 years old children where the building tiles of a cardboard vaulted structure.

In "Designing a tile vault", some architecture students from KULeuven and UGant Universities collaborated in the design of vaulted structures using catenary models.

In the "Brick vaulting hands‐on workshop", for 4 days, students from three different educational institutions and different backgrounds worked together in the construction of two masonry structures using the traditional tile vaulting technique. For most of them this was their first hands‐on experience. They got involved in all the phases of the construction process, from design methodologies to the completion of the construction.

You can learn more of the developed BrickPlay Pavillion project  here. You can have a look at the exhibition PLAY! here

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