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Responsible architects
Marta Domènech, David López López and Mariana Palumbo


Luis Borunda, Marc Zaragoza, Marga Arcaute, Julia Medina, Usue Belandia



City of Barcelona / BIMSA


The present work was commissioned by the city of Barcelona to design and study the structural feasibility and constructability of a sports complex in the neighborhood of Torre Baró. The given site was both motivating and challenging due to the existance of an underground water reservoir that could not be dismantled or even touched at all.

In terms of landscape, this sports hall aims to restore the natural section of the mountain both in the transverse and longitudinal directions. To this end, the existing cut in the mountain generated by the water tank is covered with a large tile vault that spans over the tank without touching it. The main arch of the vault has a span of 60 meters.

The sports center is intended as a meeting point and a revitalizing space at one end of the singular "Camí de les Aigues", a path surrounded by nature in the mountains of Barcelona. The sports hall includes a bicycle renting service and a bar.

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