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Map13 Barcelona


Delfina Capiglioni, Teresa del Pozo, Toni Planas


Ajuntament de Masnou

Masnou Town Hall was willing to incorporate a pavilion to house some of the activities planned in the Vallmora Park, the new green area of the city. These included an open air bar, a scene and a shadowed chill area.

The pavilion had to be an iconic element gently integrated in the park and the surroundings. We designed a covering surface composed of three vaulted structures of catenary directrix that open towards the view of the city. These were supported on metal pillars.

We took especial care on the finishing materials. The vaults are finished with an external layer of manual bricks with diverse earthy tonalities, which reinforces the materiality of the structure, while the interior is a plastered neutral surface.  The contrast between the inner and outer layers allows the integration in the design of the park and the characterisation of the space of the pavilion, giving a feeling of semi-exterior.

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